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You’ve done the hard work to develop and test your recipes, now, let our expert writers get them ready to publish.

Hi, my name is David. I run a nano-bakery and coffee roastery in my hometown and a niche website for home chefs. We grew from 0 to 120k monthly sessions in 18 months, exclusively by earning traffic from Google Search. Along the way we also helped many great humans begin their transition from strenuous kitchen jobs into writing roles they could do from home. And so, was born.

Why Work With Us?

Culinary Knowledge

All of our writers and editors attended culinary school before working in pro kitchens.

SEO Experience

Every recipe is briefed for SEO, and each writer has been trained on how to write recipes that rank in Google.

Partner Approach

Ultimately, our goal is to connect the best people with the best people.

We Help Food Bloggers

Writing new recipes.

If you’ve already developed and tested your recipe, let us write it.

Our team is comprised of experts in SEO and Food. We’ll create an article that drives traffic to your site from Google. We also focus on engaging your audience with all of the details they’ll need to succeed in creating a dish.

All of our work goes through a rigorous editorial process for accuracy, readability, and originality. What’s more, we’ll add relevant internal links to your other content to help readers (and robots) successfully navigate your site.

Updating old recipes.

We’ve found that even the best food blogs have a high % of pages that no longer generate any meaningful traffic. Maybe they brought visitors when they were published in 2015, but a lot has changed about the internet since then.

We can help you update old content to work for you. We’ve found many sites have great recipes that were dropped from the search results simply because Google couldn’t understand the page’s structure.

Let us help you resuscitate your best content by bringing it up to current SEO standards and augmenting the culinary details you already have in the recipe.

Recruit a new writer.

Our writing process is streamlined, so you get the best work from our team. It’s hands-off, and you’ll get a great piece of content that is publish-ready. Even so, we realize that some bloggers would prefer to work directly with a Freelancer.

We can help you save on time and effort of recruiting by matching you with vetted talent.

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